What are the benefits of CSA Recruitment?

On-Site Management

Whether you require a large volume of staff at one single location or require staff over multiple regional facilities CSA Recruitment is able to provide you with the necessary On-Site Account Managers to ensure your operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Our Management team offers your organisation the peace of mind and reassurance that your operations run smoothly and effectively. CSA Recruitment strives to provide its clients with the best level of service possible by constantly improving every element of labour supply, whether it is the recruitment process, safety, training or performance.

Through the dedication and commitment of our on-site support and recruited staff we are able to offer bespoke packages to suit the needs of each individual client. This will assist in keeping the costs to your organisation at a realistic and practical level.

Our enhanced On-Site Labourforce support service allows us to work in partnership with you to ensure that all related staff meet the high standard expected of them and meeting any agreed performance KPI’s.

Training & Induction

As an assurance to our clients that they will be gaining operatives with the skills and qualities to meet the demands of their individual working environments, we at CSA Recruitment encourage that all our staff be trained and inducted at their assigned place of work. Prior to starting work at your business, all assigned staff will undergo an agreed workplace induction and training for the role to which they will be working.

This effective and efficient method ensures that staff are able to meet the demands of the environment to which they are assigned whilst still ensuring that our obligation to fulfill any agreed KPIs is met.

At CSA Recruitment we understand the complexities that come with the working environment, the need for staff to be able to mould and adapt to meet the demands of any situation at hand. This is why we ensure that our staff can be flexible. All staff will be trained in a variety of suitable positions ensuring that the workplace can always continue and production does not stop.

Health & Safety

CSA Recruitment understand the importance of Health & Safety to you and your organisation, we hold Health and Safety to be of paramount importance to our business and our daily operations. CSA Recruitment provides hundreds of people to companies across South Wales, this brings with it an experienced understanding of health and safety practices that meet strict Health & Safety standards.

As a demonstration of CSA Recruitment’s dedication to Health & Safety,  we continuously improve the standards and policies to which we operate. At CSA Recruitment we strive to create a professional workforce which meets the expectations of its clients whilst still providing a safe working environment for our staff.

As part of our commitment to the safety of our operations and staff CSA Recruitment managers ensure that all staff abide by any rules and regulations wherever safety is concerned.  Ensuring staff are safe, equipped and comfortable within their working environments is of vital importance to us.

Service Enhancements

CSA Recruitment are an experienced provider of staff to the food industry and fully understand the additional employment legislation and compliance procedures. To assist our clients we can include in our service the following:

  • Arrangement with doctor for medical examination and completed medical forms.
  • Availability of employment records for auditing and ethical compliance.
  • Assistance with staff block testing and grading
  • On going recruitment and workplace orientation program.
  • Staff welfare and assistance with housing, transport and HMRC registration.

Key Performance Indicators

CSA Recruitment understand the importance of production targets and how they affect your business, this is why we at CSA are committed to assuring our clients that we can and will meet their expectations.

As part of our service to each individual client we work with you to agree a level of expectation through a mutually agreed ‘Key Performance Indicator’. Through this agreed ‘KPI’, CSA and its operatives are able to better understand and meet your individual needs.

Your custom ‘KPI’ will be the benchmark from which all our operations with you will be set, as the working relationship grows and develops the ‘KPI’ can then be moulded and adapted to meet your ever growing needs.

Time and Attendance

Here at CSA Recruitment we believe in and ensure that all staff are paid accurately for the work that they have done.

Whenever possible, we at CSA Recruitment will install a time and attendance system that will record all staff and their working times. By downloading and assessing all the information from the Attendance System, we at CSA Recruitment can effectively monitor our staff and provide up to date information as you want.

Through this policy we can ensure that all of our assigned operatives meet the expectations to which they have been set.